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We believe that your massage treatment plan should completely eliminate your pain.

We found that the more massage franchises that we visited, the farther away from “Therapy” we got. That’s not to say that they don’t help or feel good momentarily, but there isn’t a huge emphasis in why you came in the first place and in general, a lack of concern for actually listening to the person on the table.

We asked ourselves. . . “How can we improve something that just feels good?”

Enter Body in Gear. We strive to do something completely unheard of in the industry and construct a treatment plan that not only treats the pain pattern or posture but does so in a clinical atmosphere.

We combine elements of physical therapy and kiniesology to improve pain response, strengthen dormant muscle tissue and realign posture, both of which create chronic neuromuscular holding patterns (chronically stiff muscles or area).

This isn’t just fluff and buff anymore, we fight to restore normal bodily function so that you can get back to living a happy life, away from pain for good.

Don’t believe us? Book a treatment and see for yourself!

Meet the Founder


I always knew that I wanted to help people, but it wasn’t until I found massage school that I knew just what that meant. 

At the time, I was a powerlifter, entering into every meet that I could find, all the while putting my body through hell. One day, my body told me put a stop to it and I injured my shoulder pretty severely.

My good friend and training partner told me that I should see a massage therapist for the shoulder. I was reluctant, but I was glad I did!

Within two sessions I was able to bench again without any pain. This was the exact experience that sparked my love for massage therapy and started my journey as a healer.

Fast forward to now,  I have helped thousands of clients get through life changing pain, get back on their feet and crush life once again. Some have even gotten off of pain medications and opioids. The sky is the limit for you!

Some Fun Facts About Me

A Musician

Music has always been my first love, from bass playing in rock bands to cover tunes with my wife, I’ve done it all!


Part of my passion for therapy stems from the love of strength training and knowing how the body moves


My wife and I got married in 2016 in Kentucky and plan to move there in the near future to build a family!


As of July 2022, I have become a father to the most awesome  little guy (and little tank) anyone could ask for!

Lover of Horror

Stephen King could have been another father of mine. Any scary movie or book – especially dystopian future – I’m in!

Huge Foodie

If I could live off of any one type or style of food, it would definitely be Indian! But – I love everything!














AND MORE. . . 

Don’t take our word for it. . .

"I Wouldn't See Anyone Else!"

Zach has been my massage therapist for over 5 years and I wouldn’t see anyone else. He is professional yet caring, with great instincts – when to use the right techniques and pressure to relieve my pain and tension. Friends and family have also been very happy with Zach’s work.

Jade W.
B.I.G. Client for 6 Years
Best Food Recommender

"I Credit Zach with Helping Me Heal"

I suffered a back injury in 2017 and was told by the the doctor that I would need an injection to alleviate the pain. However, I decided to try chiropractic and regular massage. I credit Zach with helping me heal and has helped me avoid re-injury ever since. I highly recommend Zach.

Krista P.
B.I.G. Client for 6 Years
Most Self Aware Award

"I Highly Recommend Zach!"

I am in the gym 5 or 6 days a week and believe that deep tissue massage is an important part of muscle recovery. A good deep tissue massage therapist is hard to find. Zach does a great job with overall massage as well as working long term problem areas. I highly recommend Zach!

Nancy G.
B.I.G. Client for 6 Years
Hardest Worker in the Gym